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Lab Tested Stones

We provide 100 % pure govt. approved lab tested stones and specially every stone is Charged By Sidhh Mantras by Guru Ji.
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Lab Tested Rudraksha

We provide 100 % pure govt. approved lab tested one faced to gauri shankar rudraksh of Nepal and specially every rudraksh poojan done By sidhh mantras by Guru Ji.
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Astrology Consultation

You have problem?I will guide you how to remove it from your life.Get the benefit out of 20 years of experienced Astrologer & Tantra Master Guru Ji Shri Mani Bhai Ji
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Tantra Scanning

Black energies don\'t allow you to grow neither financially nor physically.Know how by Guru Ji.Get yourself Tantra Scanned Now.
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Home/Office Energy Scaning

You have office or home where nothing going good and don\'t know what to do.Here is an answer discuss with Guru Ji to know How !
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Soul Communicator

Your Mom ,Dad ,Children don\'t go anywhere after death.Let\'s help them to communicate the message they ever wanted to deliver.Fill a quick query form.
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Pandit Shri Mani Bhai Ji

Whenever there is divine conglomerate dissolve with its expression ,planets takes place its extreme divine position and with God’s grace for the help of needy souls Astrologer Money Dhasmana took birth on the auspicious day just a day before of Diwali on Dhanteras Festival in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Astrologer Money Dhasmana is grand son of renowned Astrologer and Tantrik Pandit Shri Shiv Prasad Dhasmana from Uttarakhand wherein this vidya was travelling through the eras and is being expressed by Astrologer Money Dhasmana in present era .

After so many years practice and sadhna , tapasya with love of Gurudev and Mahakaal ,Astrologer Money Dhasmana helping the society by his knowledge given by his beloved Guru Dev and ancestors grace in field of Astrology , Rudraksh , Stone , Tantra , Mantr , Yantra , Hawan , Anusthaan etc.

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