can sit on the chair too for meditation?

Question: Guru Shri Mani Bhai Ji Just another question..for meditation do we necessarily have to sit on the ground with cross legs or we can sit on the chair too?
Answer:(श्री मणि भाई जी): For getting the meditation happened u need no rule to follow but u need to understand the game of your mind. Once u sitting cross legs it’s demanding to sit on chair ,later it will demand to lay down later it will demand lets try to sleep as meditation, later it will ask for another way and u keep enjoying being puppet of your mind and inner frustration of not going through meditation will throw u at a state where finally u lost n ur mind wins. Do whatever u want to do but be aware of ur cleverness of pushing u away from your own way.


महाकाल ध्यान संस्थान
श्री तारामणि भाई जी

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